Sunday, October 5, 2008

No Boys Allowed, Well Maybe Just One

We had a great "Girl's (with one boy) Night Out". We laughed, took pictures, and had a delicious dinner (Thanks, Rebecca!). It was a great night.

These kids are naturals. They made my job so easy. I had their complete cooperation, that is until the snails were discovered.

Then it was all about the snails and organizing the races.


brent and julie winder said...

wow, anita they are gorgeous, so crisp and so colorful. Syndney seriously looks like a model and you captured their personalities. Ok, I am loving that lens on close ups so clear. I love your pictures, I bet Becky will love these too. Good Job!

Lorraine said...

Becky's kids look like models! These look so good. You are so talented.

Dorothy said...


You and Julie need to open a studio! These look professional! I've only seen little Max once, and he is adorable. The one with the snail is perfect for Olivia--she and Aubrey are brave girls. BUT Could you just not be good at least one thing, please? People that are good at everything bug me.


Sarah said...

Cute pictures. It helps to have such darling models. I didn't know you did photography or that you had a blog! :) I'm glad I discovered you.