Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Tree Hunt!

This is, by far, my favorite part of Christmas! There is nothing better than the crisp air in the mountains, the smell of trees, snow, and Family. Too bad those older kids think they are too old or too far away to be a part of all the fun. We missed you two. I was so happy my parents were able to make it this year. I sure love them.

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Sarah said...

We used to do this growing up. I miss it! I LOVE that picture of Olivia. You take some awesome pictures.

Julie Winder said...

looks like you guys had way too much fun. Ok, that first picture of Olivia is truly of you best!

Gage Family said...

Anita, you are an amazing photographer! WOW! We loved your family Christmas pix and letter! Your family is gorgeous! And also, it kills me how your mom and dad both look the same as they did when we were kids!