Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend was kicked off with Karissa's Graduation. This beautiful, talented, smart, young lady got "Senior Itis" in such a bad way that she nearly didn't walk in the graduation. We found out at 5pm the night before that she got the green light because she had paid her debt to society and finished her restitution! Hippie! What a stress!

Jackson was in school still.

Grandma and Grandpa Day

Grandma and Grandpa Odum

We celebrated Aubrey's Birthday with cupcakes from 25 Main. Delish!

We went to the movies (Terminator 15? and Night at the Museum) and followed that up with a dip in the pool to cool off!

Justin's friend Allyson (Duda, as I like to call her) taught us a fabulous, funny, graceful new game..."The Paper Bag Game".
You make think it looks easy, but let me assure you it is not! It finally ended in a draw between Allyson and Jackson with the bag down to about an inch off the ground. How Jackson ended up the co-winner, I will never understand. The boy could barely get the bag when it was at its full height. He was walking with a limp the next day though because his muscles were so sore. Allyson looked as graceful at the end as she did in the beginning. She was awesome!

Later, I dominated at Cut-Throat and Justin at Nerts (of course). I wish I had pictures of that, but I was way too focused on the domination of my family.
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rayndrop said...

everyone is getting so big. i always think time stands still for everyone but us.

i think i forgot how to play nerts. we need a reminder.