Monday, February 23, 2009

Time For Me To Start Planting...Now!

I have been procrastinating my winter garden and time as nearly past me by on this one. I was reading my friends blog today. She has so many thoughts and ideas that inspire me. She had an entry about gardening and it has motivated me to get started now. She put the lyrics from this sweet primary song in her blog...

The prophet said to plant a garden, so that's what we'll do.
For God has given rich brown soil, the rain and sunshine too.
And if we plant the seeds just right, and tend them carefully,
Before we know good things will grow to feed our family.
--Children's Songbook, 237

This is the spot. There is nothing in the boxes except strawberries and a few herbs now. Oh, but there will be more soon!


rayndrop said...

yay anita! i've got my boxes built for square foot gardening this year. i haven't posted about it yet though. this is going to be the best year ever for the garden. i can't wait!

rayndrop said...

oh, one more thing... i'm digging the new page design. it looks so good.

Ineedaday... said...

It is a work in progress :}

Julie Winder said...

I think it is time for you to have your own show Anita. I would watch it everyday. I learn so much from you:) Can't wait to here more about your garden. What do you plant this time of year?

Derek and Tomi said...

anita!! you plant those gardens girl! thats awesome. i want some family photos done... if you are willling to trade again i would love to! cause its spring yah!